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With over 1,000 jobs under our belts we could never pick a favorite client. We love them all but it sure does feel nice to get some love back!

There is a reason your business is reviewed so positively and that you are so well-recommended. You provide a unique service that people do not even realize they need. I am so grateful to you and your team. Thank you for protecting the dignity of a legacy-filled home as it changes hands." 
F.S., Los Angeles

"Tracy is like a tornado, only instead of blowing everything apart, she blows everything into place."
Elaine, New York City

"I sit in my newly formed home office, surround by, not clutter, but all the things I love and I will forever thing of you and our day. Thank you again!"
Flea, Los Angeles

"Thank you from all of us. You all were great and the garage looks FANTASTIC!" 
L.D., Los Angeles

Tracy was able to analyze my organizational problem, anticipate my future needs and execute on the project with very little supervision or input from me needed. i wish I was fabulously wealthy, I would hire her full time.
— Robert, Hollywood
We’ve been in our new house for a day and it feels like we’ve lived here for 10 years. Thank you Clutterfly!
— Jason & Jessica, Hollywood Hills, California
Thanks for everything and all your dClutterfly help! We were dreading facing a seemingly insurmountable amount of stuff and you not only got us through it, but made it fun! We really appreciate you driving up here and all your expert advice and guidance. Hope you had a safe drive back and get some rest before your next job. We both sacked out within minutes after you left. We were spent but felt a huge weight was lifted. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
— Rob & Sarah, Marin, California
Just thought of u today as I went to my ‘gift wrapping’ shelves in my office. I used to always buy extra gift bags because i had no idea if i had one to use at home. I over-bought so many bags. Now, Instead of buying more bags, I now draw down my inventory in the closet. Saves me money!
— Laurie, Culver City, California
I knew I had to face my disorganization eventually to invite more abundance into my life. Tracy made this a pain-free and exciting journey. I will be forever grateful.
— Joe, Beachwood Canyon
The best parts of the process: having someone with fresh eyes come in and look at my furniture arrangement, closet space, and helping to create more places for belongings out of what was already there. Although I think many people will need someone with fresh and objective eyes evaluating their wardrobe and what needs to go.
— Lizbeth, Echo Park
I just had to send you a note to tell you that I closed down my classroom in one day. I relaxed for the rest of the wek. This happened because of you. Okay, okay. I hear you saying, ‘You did it.’ But, Tracy, really. I couldn’t have done it without you. You are the gift that keeps on giving. The kids loved being able to use the computeres. They brought in their flash drives and just tpyes and types. I have never gotten so much writing from the kids.
— Ann, 5th Grade Teacher, Los Angeles